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10710352_10205104911881718_5895964500504321153_oThe 1911 is the quintessential American gun. It was developed in 1908 and then deployed during WWI and WWII to counter the German 9mm. It was initially developed in 38 Super, but then adjusted for the 45ACP. The military wanted more stopping power and the classic 1911 was born.

The original blue prints for the 1911 called for 0.020″ tolerances, it was a very loose gun. Advancements in manufacturing technologies and metallurgy have allowed us to tighten the tolerances.

The main advantage behind the 1911 design is the trigger mechanism. In our opinion, there isn’t a gun out there with a better trigger. Unlike other guns that have a pivot type of trigger, the 1911 is a push back trigger.

By combining the old world basic design with today’s advancements in technology, we are able to produce 1911’s that have 0.001″ tolerances, a fraction of a human hair. Our 1911’s are capable of shooting one ragged hole at 50 yards, with less recoil, less muzzle flip, greater reliability and they look beautiful.