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1911 Single Stack


The options are endless. You can have a basic model, similar to what is available out there with similar pricing, or you can go as high tech as you wish.

We have found that the best way to build you the exact gun that you desire is to talk to you and go through all the different options. You can either fill out the form below and we will call you, or you can call us at 954-951-2851

  • Caliber*
  • Barrel*
  • Stroked system*
  • Frame*
  • Length*
  • Slide serrations*
  • Sight Alignment lines*
  • Internal Lightning*
  • Safeties*
  • Sights*
  • Trigger*
  • Finish Slide*
  • Finish on frame*
  • Polish Options Slide & Frame flats*
  • Finish on accessories*
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  • Grip Options*
  • Rush order*

The 1911 is the quintessential American gun. It was developed in 1908 and then deployed during WWI and WWII to counter the German 9mm. It was initially developed in 38 Super, but then adjusted for the 45ACP. The military wanted more stopping power and the classic 1911 was born.

The original blue prints for the 1911 called for 0.020″ tolerances, it was a very loose gun. Advancements in manufacturing technologies and metallurgy have allowed us to tighten the tolerances.

The main advantage behind the 1911 design is the trigger mechanism. In our opinion, there isn’t a gun out there with a better trigger. Unlike other guns that have a pivot type of trigger, the 1911 is a push back trigger.

By combining the old world basic design with today’s advancements in technology, we are able to produce 1911’s that have 0.001″ tolerances, a fraction of a human hair. Our 1911’s are capable of shooting one ragged hole at 50 yards, with less recoil, less muzzle flip, greater reliability and they look beautiful.

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9mm, 38 Super Comp, 40 S&W, 45 ACP


Modern Heavy Square frame with square trigger guard, Modern Heavy Square frame with square trigger guard and Tactical rail


Government, Commander, Bobtail

Finish on frame

Chrome on Chrome Slide, DLC Black on Black Slide, PVD Blue on Blue Slide, DLC Gun Metal Grey on Gun Metal Grey Slide, DLC Black on Chrome Slide, Chrome on Black Slide, PVD Blue on Black or Chrome Slide

Finish on accessories

Chrome on Chrome Gun, DLC Black on Black Gun, PVD Blue on Blue Gun, DLC Gun Metal Grey on Gun Metal Grey, DLC Black on Chrome Gun, Chrome on Black or Blue Gun, PVD Blue on Black or Chrome Gun, TiN Gold

Slide serrations

Simple Classic, Staggered panels, Even panels, Dimples, Aggressors, 3D Aggressors, Turtles, Raptor, Alien, Tire Tracks, 3D Turtles, Modern Dimples

Top of Slide Shape

Round top, Flat Top, Tri top, full length, Tri top, partial length

Stroked system

Regular, Stroked


Bomar adj rear/FO front, Bomar adj rear/Black front, Novak rear/FO front, Novak rear/black front, Novak night sights


Wilsons, Wilsons plus thumb shield, Swensons, Shielded Safeties


STI flat trigger, STI curved trigger, Aluminum trigger

Rush order

No rush, VIP Rush fee

Finish Slide

Hard Chrome on Chrome Frame, DLC Black on Black Frame, DLC Gun Metal Grey on Gun Metal Frame, PVD Blue on PVD Blue Frame, DLC Black on Chrome Slide, Chrome on Black or Chrome Slide, PVD Blue on Black or Chrome Slide

Grip Options

G-10 ChekTec, Techwell PosiTech, Techwell Aluminum Checkered

Sight Alignment lines

No, Yes

Internal Lightning

No, Yes

Polish Options Accessories

Blasted, Polished

Polish Options Slide & Frame flats

Blasted, Brushed, Polished

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