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Double Stack Open Custom


Build Your Own Dream Gun

The options are endless. You can have a basic model, similar to what is available out there with similar pricing, or you can go as high tech as you wish.

We have found that the best way to build you the exact gun that you desire is to talk to you and go through all the different options. You can either fill out the form below and we will call you, or you can call us at 954-765-6274

  • Caliber*
  • Barrel*
  • Extra Barrel Features (Bull, V6 or V8)*
  • Slide Cuts*
  • Thumbrest*
  • VIP Rush fee*

The Double Stack Open Gun is the top fuel dragster of the handgun competition world. It combines the proven 2011 design, but adds a gas compensation system, an electronic sight and an extended magazine.

The ultimate Open Gun is not just a Limited gun with a compensator and a red dot like most companies produce. It has to be flat shooting, recoil neutral and track exactly straight.

Our Open Guns are designed using a ton of R&D, consulting with various National and World champions, and combine years of improvements.
We have combined:

  • Unique muzzle brake, not a compensator, that pulls the gun forward to negate recoil. It stabilizes the gun by equalizing pressure inside the chambers.
  • Port holes that are designed to keep the gun stable and even.
  • The system keeps gasses and flames out of the shooters line of sight.

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38SC, 9mm


Standard frame, Short wide dust cover, Long wide dust cover cut to butler length


Full size, Middy, Shortened Middy


Bull, Hybrid, V Holes (V6 or V8)


ShotoComp Steel, ShotoComp Titanium, GillComp Steel, GillComp Titanium

Extra Barrel Features (Bull, V6 or V8)

Regular, Oversized sleeved barrel Tungsten

Stroked System

Regular system, Advanced Stroked

Slide Serrations

Staggered Panels, Even Panels, Dimples, Aggressors, Super Aggressors, Aggressors inside panel, Turtle Cuts, Special

Slide Cuts

Tri – Top full length, Tri-Top Partial, Internal Lightning


Wilson High Ride, Shielded Safeties


STI Plastic, STI stippled and double undercut, LSI Steel


STI curved, STI flat, SVI trigger (specify shoe


No thumbrest, Akai thumbrest

Finish on frame

Hard Chrome, Black DLC, Grey PVD, Rose PVD, Blue PVD

Finish on slide

Hard Chrome, Black DLC, Grey PVD, Rose PVD, Blue PVD

VIP Rush fee

No rush, VIP Rush