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Tactical / Carry


The Ultimate Tactical / Carry Gun 

You can now design and have built your dream Tactical or Carry gun. We have taken 10 years of experience designing the world’s best competition race guns and applied it to the Tactical / Carry gun world. 

Here you will see options and innovations that are simply not found anywhere else.

  • Size*
  • Compensator*
  • Grip*
  • Sights*
  • Optic Plate Options *
  • Finish Frame
  • Finish Slide*
  • Slide Cuts*
  • Finish Accessories*
  • Polish Options Slide Flats*
  • Polish Options on Accessories*
  • Trigger*

Single Stack, Double Stack


Government Length (5"), Commander Length (4.25")


No Comp, Comp


Stippled Polymer, Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel


Fixed Sights, Fixed Night Sights, Adjustable Sights, Adjustable Night Sights, Optic Plate system W/O iron front and rear, Optic Plate system W/ front and rear iron

Sights Options

Black Sights, Night Sights

Optic Plate Options *

RTS2 (Customer supplied optic), RMR (Customer supplied optic), SRO (Customer supplied optic), Bomar (Adjustable)

Finish Frame

Chrome on Chrome Slide, DLC Black on Black Slide, PVD Blue on Blue Slide, DLC Gun Metal Grey on Gun Metal Grey Slide, DLC Black on Chrome Slide, Chrome on Black or Chrome Slide, PVD Blue on Black or Chrome Slide

Finish Slide

Hard Chrome on Chrome Frame, DLC Black on Black Frame, DLC Gun Metal Grey on Gun Metal Frame, PVD Blue on PVD Blue Frame, DLC Black on Chrome Slide, Chrome on Black or Chrome Slide, PVD Blue on Black or Chrome Slide

Polish Options Slide Flats

Satin, Polished, Brushed

Polish Options on Accessories

Satin, Polished


STI Flat Short, STI Flat Med, STI Flat Short, STI Curved, Aluminum Med Flat Trigger, You provide, we fit it

Optic Plate System

Just Iron Sights, Optic Plate system, customer provides optics

Slide Cuts

Even Panel Cuts, Aggressors, Turtle Cuts, Raptor, 3D Aggressors, Tire Tracks, Modern Dimples