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Freedom EDC


A new FREEDOM loving series from Akai Custom Guns!

This new series of guns is specifically designed for FREEDOM loving people. After over a decade of experience in the competition market, building the best guns in the world, winning numerous world and national matches, we have applied our research and development to our FREEDOM series.

In order to streamline the process, avoid delays, we have picked all the best options for you. These guns are built using the same hand fit process as our custom competition guns, but without the client driven customization.

We try our hardest to keep these in stock, or you can pre-order to save your spot in line and receive them as soon as possible. Typically, less than 90 days.

We love our FREEDOM. As a thank you for protecting our freedom, we offer verified LEO or MIL a 10% discount.

Available on backorder

  • *Optic Plate


A new FREEDOM loving series from Akai Custom Guns!

After over a decade of research and development, receiving input from the best shooters in the world, we have developed the ultimate carry/EDC gun.

This gun is light weight, comfortable, and shoots better than full sized guns. 

  • 9mm 
  • True Commander total length, 4.25″
  • Compensator / Muzzle Brake
  • Trigger pull 3lbs
  • Akai optic plate system (optic not included)
  • Back up iron sights
  • Tactical light rail
  • Ambi safeties
  • DLC black

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