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This is our policy at Akai Custom Guns.

It is our absolute goal for every firearm that leaves our shop to perform at its highest ability so that you as the customer are not only satisfied with the craftsmanship of your firearm but as its ability to meet your needs at the range, match, or on the line of duty. The Akai Standard is simple: “Every firearm should be treated as if we, ourselves, have to shoot it at a match this evening and a national championship is on the line”.

In order to achieve this high standard, we test fire each gun prior to it going to our finisher. This initial live fire session allows us to inspect your gun and make any adjustments we feel necessary to maintain The Akai Standard.

After your gun returns from our finisher, we will assemble and inspect the gun once again. It will then go through a rigorous live fire session to ensure 100% functionality. We will utilize our 18 point checklist that identifies critical areas for functionality, longevity, and performance of your firearm. We will identify any tuning needed which will be performed by Shay Akai. If at any point your firearm doesn’t meet our standards or fails a single item on the checklist, the gun will be adjusted and tested until it passes The Akai Standard and we are 100% confident it will meet your needs.

Only after these steps are completed and our check lists are signed off will your gun be packaged and shipped to you, the new owner. You will receive a copy of this checklist with your gun.

Once you have received and fired your new Akai Customs gun we would greatly appreciate your feedback in order to make certain you are happy with your purchase and we would also like for you send your gun in for a complimentary service check after your first 3000 rounds. After these initial 3000 rounds your gun is well broken in and it will give us an opportunity to completely inspect it and make any adjustments necessary so that you can continue enjoying your gun worry free. Simply ship your firearm back to us and we will cover the cost of return shipping.

Our phone number on the website, 954-951-2851, is routed to our cell phones in the off hours. Unless we are with family, we will do our best to answer and assist you if there are any issues.

This is our way of increasing quality control and creating a new industry standard, The Akai Standard.